Molly is an interdisciplinary artist, encompassing sculpture, performance art and social engagement. Her work explores feminism, female sexuality and vulgarities in the public realm in addition to forms of accessibility. At the heart, her work desires acknowledgement and understanding, which she believes can be achieved in engagement, humor and obscenities, whether it be subversive or vulgar.

She resides in San Diego after spending some time orbiting between three places she calls home. Born and raised in Indiana, Molly received her BFA from Indiana University. She formerly lived in San Diego from 2009 - 2011 where she gained valuable experience working for local art organizations and is currently pursuing her MFA at San Diego State University. In 2012, Molly was awarded a Fulbright Postgraduate Fellowship to undertake research and her studio practice in Adelaide, South Australia as a resident at the artist-run cooperative Gray Street Workshop. At Gray Street, she studied woodcarving under the renowned object maker and founding partner of the workshop, Catherine Truman, and worked alongside many incredibly talented artists and genuinely beautiful people. While in Australia, she pursued research of Australian Aboriginal art and native endangered wildlife, which led her on many excursions...each adventure leading her to the next. With time, her experiences become sedimented into her being and eventually are output as stories in her creative work.