Defying Gravity at the SDSU DownTown Gallery

March 18, 2017 - Defying Gravity will perform at the SDSU Downtown Gallery in part of the exhibition Every Which Way. The performance, How do you feel? - will start at 1:30pm at 725 W Broadway, San Diego, CA 92101. The gallery is open weekly Thursday through Monday, 11am - 4pm, and the exhibition will be open through April 9th. 

How do you feel? is a live performance with Gabbard as the woman who is simply Defying Gravity. More than a cup of tea and less than a therapy session, Defying Gravity will get to the heart of the experiences you have had...especially the events that have shaped your sexuality that you just can't shake. Whether it be the invitation to come upstairs for a nightcap from your freshly single client or the aggressive gesture toward your glutes from the stranger who finds you quite delectable. What experiences have shaped your perception of your body and your sexuality and how do you feel about it?