In EVERYDAY Titties, I utilize women’s breasts as a form of corruption to the viewer’s visual field and enticement to keep their attention.

My wonderment for breasts is influenced by harassment directed toward my breasts and the breasts of women around me. This harassment is derived from the objectification of women’s breasts that has been engraved in Western culture, to the extent that even jovial children’s rhymes express misogyny. Yet, this objectification kept me curious about the life my breasts would lead. Would they turn out to be so perky as to defy gravity, or sagging so low that I could throw my breasts “over my shoulder like a continental soldier?”

EVERYDAY Titties exposes a range of ways the female body perceives, processes and acts out the objectification of the breasts she carries. Perceptions are placed on women’s breasts by others and by the body that carries them. Perceptions of breasts are derived in public and private spaces.